(Also Known as Sen Couture)

The Founder

Trang Phung was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam during the height of Vietnam War. After the fall of Saigon, South Vietnam was under a major economic and political distress. In desperation, Trang’s mother raised enough money to arrange for one person to escape on a small fishing boat, and Trang was selected from her family with the mission to help the rest migrate into the United States. At age seventeen, she was alone on her experience as a part of the “Boat People Exodus.” After a spending a year in a refugee camp, she came to the United States and slowly reunited with her family through years of hard work.

Despite many of life challenges, Trang always managed to succeed in her endeavors. In 2010, amidst of the global economic crisis, Trang fearlessly made a transition from her position as Regional Vice President of Nationwide, a Fortune 500 Company, to pursue her desires - founding Trang Phung (aka Sen Couture), an American-made clothing line.

Trang's vision and passion allowed her to create exceptional garments that were quickly well-received by trendsetters all over the world. They were often seen on high-profile celebrities and the press.

Giving back to the community is important to Trang, especially helping orphans in the Global South. She has consistently supported many local charities as well as transnational efforts, such as the International Kids Fund (IKF), a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing immediate medical care to the poor and critically ill children around the world.

As Trang’s experiences and entrepreneurial ambitions continue, she hopes to advance her company and her philanthropic efforts in the future.